The Inprosence Innovation Council sets an agenda to actively nurture innovation within Inprosence in order to safeguard its standing as a unique corporate entity and one of the most innovative companies in the world.

The Inprosence Innovation council was set up to serve the innovation vision of the council. This Centre implements the innovation agenda by deploying the best and next transformational innovative practices that will impact not only Inprosence but industry and nation as well. The Centre aims to impact every element of the innovation ecosystem at Inprosence be it people or process or new business.

Research & Development

Inprosence is actively involved in the development of novel & proprietary catalyst, process & products to improve profitability and accelerate our growth. Our company has transitioned from a smart buyer of technology to a fast customizer of technology and is a flagship exporter of various products worldwide. R& D enables the innovation based growth agenda for Inprosence.