Building strong relationships is the cornerstone of our success. At Inprosence, we place particular value in our supplier partnerships. Thanks to the help of a diverse range of suppliers and advisors, we are able to help our clients, shareholders, communities, and employees more efficiently.

We are committed to holding ourselves and our supplier community to the highest standard of business conduct and integrity. We have a zero tolerance policy for breaches of ethics and expect our suppliers to adhere to the strict guidelines of our supplier code of conduct.

Supplier Diversity

Inprosence is dedicated to the development and utilization of qualified diverse businesses from historically underrepresented groups including companies owned and operated by employees and its management.

Inprosence global supplier’s diversity mission is to align our supply base with our customer bases and develop and engage with certified and qualified diverse businesses in the interest of promoting economic growth in our communities.

We have created a super diversity network (SDN) through which certified diverse – owned businesses register with the firm. The network is the pre resource used to select diverse suppliers to compete for contracting opportunities.

Business registered in the SDN isrequired to be diligent in maintaining accurate information in the system. This engagement ensures maximum consideration for appropriate opportunities.

The Inprosence global supplier diversity team participates in and host customized in person and digital events for diverse businesses, these include match making events , trade shows and expos, information session on procurement strategies, networking receptions with buyers and prime suppliers, business management improvement seminars and workshops.

Gold Suppliers

Inprosence supplier status is the firm’s top designation for preferred suppliers. Suppliers may achieve Gold status by distinguishing themselves through excellent performance, integrity and partnership with Inprosence to serve the needs of our clients, shareholders and employees.

The Gold supplier program is a community encompassing suppliers large and small, public and private, diverse owned businesses, and product categories of all types. The program is designed to create strategic alignment and value by helping suppliers understand how to become more successful with Inprosence and helping the firm to become the preferred customer in its supply markets.

Becoming a Gold supplier is a milestone accomplishment in your relationships with Inprosence. The program is by invitation – you must be nominated by your category sourcing and line business partner. Exemplary performance and partnership are critical to being nominated. Gold suppliers are also agree to a series of program requirements and ongoing compliances.


Inprosence are committed to building and maintaining the best and most respected manufacturing and export company in the world. As our business partner, suppliers likewise have a duty to demonstrate the highest standards of business conduct, integrity and adherence to the law.

The Supplier code of conduct (supplier code) sets out the basic firm principles and expectations for suppliers. It is the responsibility of suppliers to know the requirements of the supplier code and operate in accordance with its principles.

The supplier code does not constitute an employment contract and nothing contained herein is intended to convey any rights, actions or remedies to suppliers, or to create an employment relationship between supplier or supplier’s employees and the firm.


A Supplier is any third party, firm or individual that provides a product or service to Inprosence.The following persons, entities and organizations( collectively) referred to as suppliers are covered by the suppliers code and there by subject to its provisions.

  • Suppliers, vendors, consultants, agents, contractors, temporary workers, and third parties, working on behalf of the company.

The Supplier code must be read in conjugation with applicable local law and contractual arrangements with suppliers. Suppliers must comply with applicable international and local legal and regulatory requirements in the countries where the supplier operates. If compliance with any provision of the supplier code would result in a legal or regulatory violation, Suppliers must follow the law or the rule. Where the supplier code and a supplier agreement conflict, the supplier agreement prevails.